A downloadable game for Windows

NOTES: Required HTC Vive (roomscale prefered, 360 standing is acceptable).

Game Name: The Broken Tower

(working title was Escalation)

Team Name: Derek Holley


Derek Holley - Epic Account Eight-Bit - derek.holley.personal@gmail.com

This game was created using:

Music from Bensound.com

Audio from Soundly

Textures were hand-crafted during the jam by masking and modificying materials that are part of the Substance Painter standard library (I am unsure if this technically counts as pre-made).

Meshes were created in Blender (with the exception of SM_Rock from Starter Content).

Install instructions

Requires HTC Vive

Download, unzip, Escalation.exe


DerekHolley_TheBrokenTower.zip 600 MB


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I can confirm that game works on Oculus, only issue is that in order to point gun straight you need to have controllers in boxing positions (with rings being orientated horizontally)

Great news, thanks! I was aware of the difference in the tracking orientation with Oculus Touch vs Vive Wands, but didn't want to make promises about a platform I couldn't test.

If this game gains some attention, I'll take some time, fix up a lot of those little issues, and publish an improved version.